News News from Hungary Vir­tu­osos Tal­ent Show to air in five countries

Vir­tu­osos Tal­ent Show to air in five countries

Begin­ning Novem­ber 27, young clas­si­cal tal­ents from the V4 region plus Ser­bia can be viewed on Duna TV

Now in its sixth season,Hungary’s pop­u­lar Vir­tu­osos Tal­ent Show will air this autumn. On Novem­ber 27, the show will be avail­able in Hun­gary on Duna TV fea­tur­ing tal­ents from the Viseg­rad Four coun­tries (Hun­gary, Poland, Czech Repub­lic, and Slo­va­kia) and will also include Serbia.

The show is known to “dis­cov­er tal­ent, not cre­ate it”, fea­tur­ing a unique for­mat that focus­es on uncov­er­ing clas­sic young tal­ents. They pro­vide the dis­cov­ered tal­ents with oppor­tu­ni­ties for devel­op­ment and advance­ment that would nor­mal­ly only be avail­able to a few. The pro­gram will fea­ture an insight into each country’s spe­cif­ic musi­cal and cul­tur­al tra­di­tions that the spec­ta­tors can experience.

The hosts for this year’s Vir­tu­osos V4+ are Ida Nowakows­ka, a pop­u­lar Pol­ish actress and pre­sen­ter, and Thomas Gottschalk, a Ger­man radio and tele­vi­sion host.

The inter­na­tion­al per­ma­nent jury will include rep­re­sen­ta­tives that are stars in their home­land includ­ing: Eri­ka Mik­lósa, Hun­gar­i­an; Alic­ja Wegorzews­ka, Pol­ish; Gabriela Boha­co­va, Czech; Peter Valen­tovic, Slo­vak; Neman­ja Radulovic and Sil­vana Gru­jic, Ser­bian. Vir­tu­osos will also fea­ture inter­na­tion­al stars in var­i­ous shows includ­ing Gabriel Prokofiev, Max­im Vengerov, Coco König and Mae­stro Plá­ci­do Domingo.

The show’s mis­sion is to inform and edu­cate the audi­ence that the clas­si­cal music indus­try is not the enter­tain­ment for the nar­row elite. Turn­ing the atten­tion of the young gen­er­a­tion to that of clas­si­cal music options.

The Vir­tu­osos Tal­ent Show will bring togeth­er the heart and soul of com­mon cul­ture in Cen­tral and East­ern Europe through the tal­ent­ed youth. The series is made pos­si­ble thanks to the sup­port of the Min­istry of Human Capac­i­ties of the Hun­gar­i­an government.

Source: abouthun​gary​.hu