News News from America There Will Be No Reversal, President Trump Won This Election And We Will Soon Celebrate His Reelection Victory

There Will Be No Reversal, President Trump Won This Election And We Will Soon Celebrate His Reelection Victory

In the United States of America, journalism, once given the honorable position as the fourth estate, referred to the press or news media as those who were entrusted with the primary obligation of Veritas—to serve the truth. A healthy and free society confers upon their media a tremendous responsibility for investigating, recounting, and proclaiming their truthful words as facts. Facts, in our lives, matter, much like the judiciary, wherein the statue of Lady Justice is blindfolded for this same reason. Facts connect us to our everyday realities. When events happen in the real world around us and are subsequently reported by the media, the details of those events become—facts. Facts, of an incident or over a period of time, are the lifeblood of a society. Our history books are written based upon these very same facts. But, what happens when facts no longer matter, wherein the media’s accountability to Veritas, serving the truth, has been replaced with a corrupted political agenda, i.e., a Color Revolution.

We must ignore the corrupt words of the Fake News Mainstream Media

They have no legal right to designate who should be named the president-elect.

Our mainstream (MSM) or legacy media, along with big tech are nothing more than propaganda machines, with little to no appreciation or concern for serving the truth. The MSM in America has long been financed and controlled by a cabal of New World Order (NWO) globalists, whose political agenda is worldwide totalitarianism through the United Nations and the World Economic Forum’s goal for The Great Reset. And, for their complicit crimes contributing to the fraudulent election coup against President Donald J. Trump and the American people, it is believed by many that the members of the media and big tech should be the first charged under the Law of Armed Conflict—with treason.

We should also be mindful that most of what we are watching today is nothing more than distractions. President Trump’s team has everything. There is much going on that is highly-classified, but know this to be a fact, President Donald John Trump is a fighter and he will not lose this battle. Biden-Harris, on the other hand, know they cannot win in lieu of the fact that she has yet to resign her Senate seat. President Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021 and here is why.

It is not necessary for the US Supreme Court to take up this case to prove the election is null and void based on the massive amounts of both physically corrupted ballots and machine/software fraud. The Supreme Court has already spoken. President Trump has been reelected by default—‘fraud vitiates everything.’ In the landmark case United States v. Throckmorton (98 US 651 – SC 1878) which emphatically states—when intentional frauds have been proven in any court, whether by judge or jury, even by one successful lawsuit, the fraud-vitiates-everything-clause is a clear precedent to make Donald Trump the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Amen. Hallelujah!