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Thank God, you’re here!

The Hungarian opposition’s typical, predictable, traditional response to ‘Bewildered’ Joe Biden’s installation in Pennsylvania Avenue.

Think, for a moment, about how many feet you have. Yes, in the vast majority of cases, given that humans are bipeds, the chances are that you’ve got two, haven’t you? We all know that the vast majority of our body parts are marvels of multi-tasking, but the basic role for our feet is, surely indisputable: they’re there for us to stand on.

We learn to stand when we progress from crawling about the place on the floor to successfully walking upright. We learn, we are taught, we are not only encouraged, but urged by society to stand on our own two feet. As we grow, as we mature, we learn to stand on our own two feet, both literally and figuratively.

Most of us. Not all.

Forever repeating their mantra which declares that they are the ones who will ‘save Hungary from Orbán’ (and send us to the dark ages as a direct result of nonsensical politics and economic policies), the ‘opposition’ are all too aware of their lack of popularity. Whilst deriding opponents for being ‘populist’, they miss the point: politics is meant to be populist. Politicians are most effective if a majority of people agree with what they are proposing to do. That the Left are unable to gain a true foothold in Hungarian politics is down to the fact that they have always turned their noses up at the electorate, being of the opinion that the populace aren’t worthy.

These are the politicians who nod reassuringly with doe eyes when hearing tales of reduced means and pensions not stretching to cover minimal budgets, and then turn around and remove the 13th monthly pension. Lip-service, nothing more.

The Hungarian Left have only ever stood on one leg. Their repeated provocative behaviour, both within and without parliament, reveals all that we need to know: they have yet to mature to a level of even wanting to stand on their own two feet. The Leftwaffe’s immature behaviour patterns indicate that they’re happy to remain at nursery-school level. They’re just not interested in a more mature level of development.

There are consequences to their fundamentally lazy approach to all things in life. Extremely disinclined to do it themselves, they’d always rather someone else do the heavy lifting.

Think of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Was that an exclusively home-grown affair? Of course, it wasn’t. Béla Kun and the rabble that followed him couldn’t garner enough support on their own. The whole thing was organised externally, using foreign minister Kun as – hard to believe though it is – poster boy for the Hungarian communists. The Hungarian Communist Party itself was set up in a Moscow hotel. Obviously Lenin, controlling everything from the Kremlin via radio, thought that his new remotely controlled state would bear success if people thought a shifty-looking thug in a dodgy suit was in charge of the whole thing.

Béla Kun
Béla Kun Forrás: Wikipédia

That, if any more evidence were required, surely proves that Lenin wasn’t just a nasty, ill-spirited bastard who caused more deaths than the plague, but that he was obviously completely off his trolley, to boot.

But that’s the tactic that the Hungarian ‘opposition’ fall back on time and time again. Too lazy to stand on both of their feet, they prefer to mess about in the playpen and sandpit, calling upon external forces to put their backs into it. The Hungarian ‘opposition’ dislike the smell of elbow grease, and so, it’s always someone else’s shoulder that they exhort be put to the wheel.

We remember André Goodfriend.

Forrás: Origo/Polyák Attila

When John Kerry was Secretary of State, there was no United States Ambassador to Hungary. What we got was a member of the 3rd eleven. A candidate for fifth possible substitute, at best.

But the members of the Hungarian ‘opposition’ lapped him up. They courted him in a manner which would render even the most secure of chastity belts null and void. Why? Because they believe, as they always have, that the easiest way for them to assume power is with the assistance of an external power source.

When Trump was president, they recognised that there was little point in trying, as far as they were concerned, Trump was like the deaf adder that stoppeth his ear. Bowed, but unbeaten, they spent the Trump years continually appealing to the EU to intervene in national politics. The EU, having a bit of a stick up its arse when it comes to Hungary, repeatedly obliged, but as the EU recurrently reveals itself to be a broken reed in practically every area of life, the Hungarian ‘opposition’ have been unable to capitalise on the attempted interventions of the EU.

But now…Trump has gone, and a confused old man has taken his place. A bemused old dog fart of a politician, useful as a draught excluder or a coat rack, but precious little else.

And as sure as night follows day, the reactions of the ‘opposition’ revealed, once again, that maturity is not their strong suit. Once again, we’re back to the same old game…that of getting someone else to do the hard work. They can’t change things in their own country, so they fawn on others to do the job for them, even if that means relying on a bewildered old soul who lacks the cognitive skills to tie his own shoelaces.

“…democracy will once again be able to stand up to the authoritarian, far-right type of openly populist political tendencies.”

Ágnes Kunhalmi, MSZP.

“Truth secured a victory over lies. And in the future it’ll secure a victory in Hungary, too.”

András Fekete-Győr, Momentum Movement.

“I’m sure that soon Hungary will be able to thank them (Biden and Harris) in the name of a new peace-proclaiming government!”

Tímea Szabó, Párbeszéd Magyarországért.

The eternally unpopular political opposition in Hungary are loath to ever try to stand on their own two feet. That’s always been the way – they prefer to take the easy route of inviting others in to lay a track to the seat of government. As we can see from their show of dancing attendance on the new US administration, the tradition of utilising outside force to achieve their goals has not been abandoned.

The Hungarian ‘opposition’ need to grow up and learn to stand on their own two feet. Until that happens, the only thing that we can expect of the ‘opposition’ is unpopular politicians pushing unpopular policies, desperately keeping the population at at-least arm’s length, convinced that politicians are better than the people who elect them. That won’t ever work…not unless they convince outsiders to help, that is.

That should be avoided at all costs. We’ve seen it before, and we know how it always ends.

Forrás: Dmitri Moor, Long Live the world-wide Red October (1920)

It’s time for the ‘opposition’ to grow up. It’s time for them to finally stand on their own two feet. That said, given their past record I, for one, won’t be holding my breath.

Source: / Gav Duncan