News News from America Tens of thou­sands march in protest against Coro­na Tyran­ny in Montreal

Tens of thou­sands march in protest against Coro­na Tyran­ny in Montreal

On August 8th, tens of thou­sands of cit­i­zens in Mon­tre­al took the streets to protest the dra­con­ian and unsci­en­tif­ic push towards tyran­ny under the pre­text of pub­lic health.

Lega­cy news out­lets con­trolled by the glob­al­ist deep state either failed to cov­er this event, or gave it a pass­ing men­tion, despite it being a tremen­dous outpouring.

Such man­i­fes­ta­tions, giv­en that they have not been pro­mot­ed or financed by cor­po­ratist oli­garchs and their fake news media out­lets, are a good indi­ca­tor that tremen­dous­ly more are, or have now, wok­en  up, writes Joaquin Flo­res edi­tor-in-chief at Fort Russ News.

Thou­sands of demon­stra­tors marched through down­town Mon­tre­al last Sat­ur­day to protest against the Que­bec government’s manda­to­ry mask regulations.

The pro­test­ers — the vast major­i­ty of whom did not wear masks — car­ried signs and wore t‑shirts indi­cat­ing a vari­ety of moti­va­tions and ide­olo­gies in oppo­si­tion to face coverings.

Some demand­ed free­dom, some were crit­i­cal of the Coali­tion Avenir Québec gov­ern­ment, Pre­mier François Legault or pub­lic health direc­tor Dr. Hora­cio Arru­da, and oth­ers espoused var­i­ous the­o­ries about COVID-19 and U.S. politics.

“I find it illog­i­cal,” said Nathalie War­ren, who trav­elled from Saint-Jean-sur-Riche­lieu, Que. for the protest.

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Under the government’s reg­u­la­tions, masks are manda­to­ry in restau­rants when clients are mov­ing around because it is hard­er to main­tain a phys­i­cal dis­tance from oth­ers in those instances, provin­cial health author­i­ties have said.

When a client is seat­ed, they may remove their mask as long as they are at a two-metre dis­tance from others.

The out­pour­ing in Mon­tre­al, like those seen in Eng­land – as orga­nized by StandUp_X – and the mil­lion or so who marched in Berlin – are all good signs and some­thing which must be emulated.

Our elect­ed lead­ers must be held to account, and where nec­es­sary, tried and con­vict­ed for the many unnec­es­sary deaths and eco­nom­ic melt-down caused by their plandemic.

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