News Local news St Stephen Church cor­ner­stone at St Eliz­a­beth of Hun­gary Church

St Stephen Church cor­ner­stone at St Eliz­a­beth of Hun­gary Church

St Stephen Church Cor­ner­stone Ded­i­ca­tion
St Eliz­a­beth of Hun­gary Church
9016 Buck­eye Rd. Cleve­land
August 20, 2020Cleveland’s newest Hun­gar­i­an mon­u­ment to St. Stephen, the first King of Hun­gary, is a cor­ner­stone saved from the recent­ly demol­ished St. Stephen Hun­gar­i­an Church in McK­eesport, Penn­syl­va­nia (1900−2020). The cor­ner­stone was brought to the his­toric St. Eliz­a­beth of Hun­gary Catholic Church at 9016 Buck­eye Road in Cleve­land Ohio which was estab­lished on Decem­ber 11, 1892, the date of the first Mass. The cor­ner­stone was laid on June 4, 1893.Welcome to St Elizabeth of Hungary Church in Cleveland


The Church and the Unit­ed Hun­gar­i­an Soci­eties (UHS) of Cleve­land host­ed an out­door ded­i­ca­tion of the mon­u­ment in the Church’s court­yard. Dr. Endre Szentkiralyi

Dr. Endre Szen­tki­ra­lyi served as MC

The theme of the ded­i­ca­tion cer­e­mo­ny was “Hon­or­ing our past by remem­ber­ing St. Stephen’s Catholic Church of McK­eesport. “Amer­i­ca’s first Hun­gar­i­an Roman Catholic church­es in order of cor­ner­stone-lay­ing Dr. Endre Szen­tki­ra­lyi, pres­i­dent of the UHS, served as Mas­ter of Cer­e­monies. He wel­comed the crowd and led the nation­al anthem.National Anthem

Nation­al Anthem

He then intro­duced Rev. Richard Bona who blessed the cor­ner­stone.Rev. Richard Bona

Rev. Richard Bona

Rev­erend Bona spoke in Hun­gar­i­an.
.Rev. Richard Bona

Rev. Richard Bona

Endre intro­duced UHS record­ing sec­re­tary Nicholas Boros who was instru­men­tal in sav­ing the mon­u­ment. Mr. Boros spoke in Hun­gar­i­an.Nicholas Boros

Nicholas Boros

Near the end of his remarks, Nicholas Boros spoke in Eng­lish.

Unit­ed Hun­gar­i­an Soci­eties (UHS) of Cleve­land Vice Pres­i­dent Judy Gyorky recit­ed a poem in Hun­gar­i­an about St. Stephen, the first King of Hun­gary.Judy Gyorky

Judy Gyorky

Dr. Endre Szen­tki­ra­lyi then intro­duced Con­sul Gen­er­al Dr. Zita Benc­sik from Chica­go.Dr. Zita Bencsik speaking

Dr. Zita Benc­sik

This was fol­lowed by the Him­nusz, Hun­gar­i­an anthem, and the con­clu­sion of the pro­gram.

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