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Puskás, the Musi­cal: Hungary’s Newest Cul­tur­al Production

Puskás, the Musi­cal, the play writ­ten about the most famous Hun­gar­i­an foot­ball play­er, direct­ed by Vajk Szente, is set to “pre-pre­mier” on the 20th of August.

‘The piece is a deep psy­cho­log­i­cal analy­sis of a boy who became the best foot­ball play­er in the world,’ – said Szente Vajk dur­ing the Press Con­fer­ence held on Monday.

The musi­cal begins in 1937 when Öcsi Puskás signed to Kispest at the age of 10, and fin­ish­es in 1960 when he scored four goals while play­ing for Real Madrid.

The pro­duc­er, Lás­zló Szabó, talked about how they planned to per­form the play orig­i­nal­ly at Hősök tere, which can­not hap­pen due to the cur­rent cli­mate, which is why the Erkel The­ater will hold the first per­for­mance and it is called a “pre-pre­mier,” instead of a nor­mal pre­mier. He also men­tioned the impor­tance of the date: ‘Puskás played his first match on the nation­al team on August 20, 1945, where he even scored a goal. That’s why we are hold­ing the pre­mier exact­ly 75 years lat­er, in 2020 between 15 and 19 o’clock.

Image by Tamás Kovács/MTI

The main actors in the cast are as follows:

  • Puskás Fer­enc: Tamás Veréb
  • Czi­bor Zoltán: Márk Ember
  • Zakar­iás József: Ádám Pász­tor
  • Bozsik József: Tibor Fehér
  • Grosics Gyu­la: Nán­dor Berettyán
  • Koc­sis Sán­dor: Dávid Péter Cseh
  • Lan­tos Mihá­ly: Rihárd Kovács
  • Hidegku­ti Nán­dor: Dániel Solner
  • Budai Lás­zló: Péter Kovács
  • Lóránt Gyu­la: Zoltán Illés
  • Buzán­szky Jenő: Dávid Baranya

Fea­tured image by Tamás Kovács/MTI

Source: Hun­gary­to­day