News News from America Jim Caviezel Warns: ‘Mas­sive, Mas­sive Per­se­cu­tions’ of Chris­tians Coming

Jim Caviezel Warns: ‘Mas­sive, Mas­sive Per­se­cu­tions’ of Chris­tians Coming

Actor Jim Caviezel says that if Chris­tians want their reli­gion to endure for future gen­er­a­tions, they will have to fight for it.

“No one has ever rode to vic­to­ry on the back of fake moral plat­i­tudes. We have to speak the truth bold­ly,” Caviezel said in a new inter­view, accord­ing to Life­Site­News.

Caviezel’s new movie, “Infi­del,” is described as a “con­tem­po­rary Mid­dle East thriller” sur­round­ing an “Amer­i­can kid­napped while attend­ing a con­fer­ence in Cairo, who ends up in prison in Iran on spy­ing charges.”

“Bar­bar­ic Chris­t­ian per­se­cu­tion is some­thing that still goes on today,” the actor said, pro­ceed­ing to reveal the movie’s intent. “The goal would be to cre­ate a sense of urgency and rel­e­vance to Chris­tians and non-Chris­tians who should be engaged in this issue.”

Caviezel has said it’s essen­tial for Chris­tians to pay atten­tion to these trou­bling acts of per­se­cu­tion and to take action.

“When I read the gospels, I’ve nev­er seen a Jesus who would sit there and say, ‘Too bad for him,’” he said of the apa­thy that can some­times creep in on this issue. “And that is not the gospel I know.

Caviezel, who played Jesus in the 2004 movie “The Pas­sion of the Christ,” told Life­Site News that changes are tak­ing place, and none of them are good​.Do you think Chris­tians are per­se­cut­ed in the U.S.?Yes No  Com­plet­ing this poll enti­tles you to The West­ern Jour­nal news updates free of charge. You may opt out at any­time. You also agree to our Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy and Terms of Use.

“You’ll wish that you nev­er even knew what democ­ra­cy was. This Chris­t­ian way of liv­ing will soon be gone,” said Caviezel, accord­ing to Life­Site. “We’re talk­ing about mas­sive, mas­sive persecutions.”

In ref­er­ence to abor­tion in the Unit­ed States, he not­ed that “we have mur­dered on a lev­el that is unprecedented.”

Laws passed in Vir­ginia and New York on abor­tion that are “Lucifer­ian,” he said.

Dur­ing his inter­view, he cit­ed a lib­er­al group “that now says there’s cer­tain types of hate speech. Well, you under­stand now that we fall under ‘hate speech.’ We’re in that place now where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is going to be cen­sored,” he said.

“When you look at away of life, if Chris­tians of this coun­try con­tin­ue to not say any­thing, some say think this is a holy way to go, but if they con­tin­ue to remain silent… Chris­t­ian cul­ture will no longer be a part of that. It will be some­thing else,” he said.

“What hap­pened to prayer?” he said lat­er in the inter­view. “What hap­pened to prayer in the family?

Caviezel said oth­ers can capit­u­late, but he will not.

“I know our Lord deserves to be loved and, come hell or high water, I’m going to do it,”

he said.

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