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Hun­gary defend­ing real­i­ty against mad­ness – commentary

“Hun­gary is defend­ing real­i­ty,” said Rod Dreher, a jour­nal­ist at the Amer­i­can Con­ser­v­a­tive, at the recent pre­sen­ta­tion of his book, The Bene­dict Option.

The well-known con­ser­v­a­tive thinker has become acquaint­ed with Hun­gar­i­an pol­i­tics and cul­ture as a vis­it­ing researcher at the Danube Insti­tute in recent months. The above-men­tioned quote was made in con­nec­tion with the fact that, accord­ing to Dreher, Vik­tor Orbán is more suc­cess­ful in pro­tect­ing Hun­gary from “tox­ic gen­der ide­ol­o­gy” than Amer­i­can con­ser­v­a­tive politicians.

He also appre­ci­at­ed that the Hun­gar­i­an prime min­is­ter had stood up for the inde­pen­dence of Hun­gar­i­ans, such as when Dutch Prime Min­is­ter Mark Rutte, a polit­i­cal and, as it turned out, a finan­cial sup­port­er of (Hun­gar­i­an oppo­si­tion par­ty) Momen­tum, spoke about the need for Hun­gar­i­ans to repeal the child pro­tec­tion law and, effec­tive­ly, to kneel.

“We are a Euro­pean peo­ple – we expect respect,” Vik­tor Orbán said in a radio inter­view last Fri­day. The prime min­is­ter called it com­plete­ly unac­cept­able that Hun­gar­i­ans were being black­mailed from Brus­sels by an abuse of pow­er. Behind the recent black­mail and attack is the pres­sure of the ide­ol­o­gy also men­tioned by Dreher.

Hun­gary has to face intel­lec­tu­al colo­nial aspi­ra­tions because it is on the right track and it can be an island of peace, even in an uncer­tain age, accord­ing to Sec­re­tary of State Balázs Orbán at Dreher’s book pre­sen­ta­tion. Sec­re­tary Orbán agreed with the author that respect for the nation, faith, fam­i­ly, and one’s local­i­ty are uni­ver­sal val­ues ​wor­thy of pro­tec­tion at all times.

“The mad­ness cel­e­brates itself in a rage – self­ish­ness flows – and there is no bar­ri­er in front of it,” as Hun­gar­i­an rock singer Ákos’s lyrics go. Oppo­site the mad­ness is the real­i­ty to be defend­ed, also known as com­mon sense, the val­ues ​​that con­nect us to con­ti­nu­ity, to our roots – and, while we’re at it, for our suc­cess­ful future. A soci­ety that under­mines its own foun­da­tions, denies the exis­tence of nor­mal­cy, and los­es its own val­ues ​​and iden­ti­ty, first accepts the emer­gence of par­al­lel soci­eties – then, it vol­un­tar­i­ly assim­i­lates itself.

There is also a clear link between the attacks against the Child Pro­tec­tion Act and Hungary’s efforts to curb immi­gra­tion. In both cas­es, we expe­ri­ence an aggres­sive push from out­side sup­port­ers of an “open” society.

The strength of the Hun­gar­i­an posi­tion is giv­en by its demo­c­ra­t­ic legit­i­ma­cy and major­i­ty sup­port, Vik­tor Orbán stat­ed. As he said, it was in 2016 that Brus­sels demand­ed that we accept migrants.

“The gov­ern­ment alone would not have been able to resist, although we have start­ed to con­front and resist and defend the inter­ests of the Hun­gar­i­an peo­ple, but if we had not had a fan­tas­tic ref­er­en­dum, we would prob­a­bly have been forced to accept the com­pul­so­ry dis­tri­b­u­tion of migrants from Brus­sels to the whole of Europe,” he said.

The con­clu­sion is clear, that “the whole of Europe was pro­tect­ed by the Hun­gar­i­an ref­er­en­dums from the com­pul­so­ry dis­tri­b­u­tion of migrants”.

Then as well as now, Hun­gar­i­ans have been and are being accused more and more by “open soci­ety” lob­by­ists and the politi­cians who are influ­enced or even con­trolled by them.

On the issue of migra­tion, time has clear­ly jus­ti­fied Hun­gary. It won’t be any dif­fer­ent now, but a firm stand requires uni­ty. We have to stand up – and we can. It is still pos­si­ble to speak freely in Hun­gary, where­as in many coun­tries of the West, those who do not swim with the tide are exclud­ed from soci­ety. On one side is mad­ness, on the oth­er is Hun­gary. Fear not – there will be those who stand by us.

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