News News from Hungary Huge announce­ment: Chi­na to offer visa-free trav­el to Hungarians!

Huge announce­ment: Chi­na to offer visa-free trav­el to Hungarians!

Chi­na will offer visa-free trav­el to Hun­gar­i­ans along with nation­als from five oth­er coun­tries in Europe “on an exper­i­men­tal basis”, For­eign Min­is­ter Wang Yi said on Thurs­day. In addi­tion to Hun­gary, Chi­na is offer­ing visa-free trav­el to cit­i­zens of Switzer­land, Ire­land, Aus­tria, Bel­gium and Lux­em­bourg from 14 March. 

The for­eign min­is­ter expressed hope that more coun­tries would ease visa rules for Chi­nese nation­als, too. 

“We hope that coun­tries will work with us to build fast-trav­el net­works for cross-bor­der trav­el, and we will encour­age the rapid resump­tion of inter­na­tion­al pas­sen­ger flights, mak­ing it more con­ve­nient for Chi­nese cit­i­zens to trav­el abroad and for for­eign friends to feel at home in China,” 

the for­eign min­is­ter said. 

Friend­ly ties between Hun­gary and China 

“The Euro­pean Union’s brand­ing of our coun­try as a part­ner, a com­peti­tor and a sys­temic rival is nei­ther real­is­tic nor sustainable,” 

he added.

As Telex writes, accord­ing to Wang,

“there are no fun­da­men­tal con­flicts of inter­est or geopo­lit­i­cal strate­gic con­tra­dic­tions between Chi­na and the Euro­pean Union, and the two sides’ com­mon inter­ests far out­weigh their differences.” 

Rela­tions between Hun­gary and the East Asian coun­try have recent­ly become increas­ing­ly friend­ly. As we report­ed yes­ter­day, Chi­nese police will soon patrol with their Hun­gar­i­an col­leagues in Hungary.

The Hun­gar­i­an Min­istry of Inte­ri­or said that 

“police offi­cers from the two coun­tries will be able to joint­ly car­ry out patrols in the future, thus help­ing to improve com­mu­ni­ca­tion between cit­i­zens and author­i­ties of the two coun­tries, improv­ing inter­nal secu­ri­ty and pub­lic order.”