News News from Hungary Here is the first Hungarian superhero: The Hun – VIDEO

Here is the first Hungarian superhero: The Hun – VIDEO

TheCGBros Presents “The Hun” by Director and VFX Supervisor Andor Záhonyi, and edited by Steven Lovy.

What if one day an unimaginable Evil arrives to enslave the Earth? They attack our cities, our bodies, our souls, but most horrifyingly, they seek to attack the heart of Earth itself … the Earth chakra located in Dobogókő, Hungary.

If the Earth’s chakra is destroyed, there will be no hope for life to survive as we know it. In this hour of need who can help? Armies are useless. We need a Superhero. And how do you find a Superhero when you need one?

Through a magical book … a Book of Faith? Do we need faith to save the Earth? But who has faith these days? Children? Prepare yourself for an epic adventure … are you ready?

Here is The HUN:  This film is seeking the representation of an agent or producer.

If interested, please contact Andor Záhonyi