News News from Hungary Here is the first Hun­gar­i­an super­hero: The Hun – VIDEO

Here is the first Hun­gar­i­an super­hero: The Hun – VIDEO

TheCG­Bros Presents “The Hun” by Direc­tor and VFX Super­vi­sor Andor Záho­nyi, and edit­ed by Steven Lovy. 

What if one day an unimag­in­able Evil arrives to enslave the Earth? They attack our cities, our bod­ies, our souls, but most hor­ri­fy­ing­ly, they seek to attack the heart of Earth itself … the Earth chakra locat­ed in Dobogókő, Hungary. 

If the Earth’s chakra is destroyed, there will be no hope for life to sur­vive as we know it. In this hour of need who can help? Armies are use­less. We need a Super­hero. And how do you find a Super­hero when you need one? 

Through a mag­i­cal book … a Book of Faith? Do we need faith to save the Earth? But who has faith these days? Chil­dren? Pre­pare your­self for an epic adven­ture … are you ready? 

Here is The HUN:  This film is seek­ing the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of an agent or producer.

If inter­est­ed, please con­tact Andor Záhonyi

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