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Farce or Free­dom This Fourth?

This week­end will either be the Fourth of July or the Farce. You will know by whether you see Amer­i­cans cel­e­brat­ing their obe­di­ence or their free­dom. You will be able to tell which it is by whether you can see their faces.

Free peo­ple look the part. They do not wear the same gov­ern­ment-decreed uni­form. A sea of the Face Dia­pered Demor­al­ized, stand­ing six feet apart on X marks the spot – per­haps with plex­i­glass par­ti­tions in between – isn’t a pic­ture-por­trait of free­dom. To describe such a pathet­ic spec­ta­cle of fear-induced obe­di­ence as peo­ple “cel­e­brat­ing their free­dom” is like describ­ing a quad­ri­pleg­ic as “dif­fer­ent­ly abled.” Not even the dig­ni­ty of edi­to­r­i­al hon­esty – much less the dig­ni­ty of men, which is being sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly attacked for rea­sons which by now ought to be as clear the July sun.

Free peo­ple are free to smile – and be seen smil­ing. They do not obe­di­ent­ly stand on X marks the spot or stand six feet apart just because a sign said so. For the same rea­son they wouldn’t do jump­ing jacks because a sign (or a gov­ern­ment Gesund­heits­fuhrer) said so.

What mean­ing does “free­dom” have if you are not free to get togeth­er with friends and oth­ers who choose to get togeth­er with you to peace­ful­ly enjoy each oth­ers’ com­pa­ny – and see each oth­ers’ faces?

Live­stock are exam­ined for signs of “sick­ness” – cor­ralled and forcibly inject­ed with var­i­ous sub­stances. They are chut­ed along the desired path, which isn’t one of their choos­ing. They have lit­tle to cel­e­brate and so do not.

We have an oppor­tu­ni­ty cel­e­brate this week­end – if we can find the inde­pen­dence to assert our free­dom. By not allow­ing our­selves to be treat­ed like live­stock, cor­ralled and herd­ed and every­thing but actu­al­ly geld­ed – which we might as well be, if we do allow it.

Assert your right to smile – and to see oth­ers smile. To breath freely. To shake the hand of a friend – or give a friend a hug – if the two of you aren’t afraid to. With­out fear of what the fear­ful feel when they see you do so. Let them get ther­a­py. Do not per­mit them to orga­nize your real­i­ty around their psy­cho­log­i­cal debility.

Let the uni­form gath­er six-feet-apart and X marks-the-spot, look­ing the same and con­vey­ing the same with­out expres­sion. Their faces hid­den but their souls revealed.

Obe­di­ence uber alles.

These are the peo­ple of the Farce of July, who will cel­e­brate it in their own pathet­ic way. In the same way that the peo­ple of North Korea tear their hair out when­ev­er a Dear Leader departs – while also look­ing all the same, hav­ing the same uni­forms and the same expres­sions. In the same way that Stalin’s chick­en ran back to Stal­in after its rough pluck­ing – Stalin’s crumbs being more desir­able to the pathet­ic bird than its self-respect.

Self-respect requires decid­ing for one­self. If one sub­mits to every deci­sion of oth­ers then to speak of the “self” is absurd. You haven’t got one.

It requires stand­ing up for your­self by not tol­er­at­ing the abuse of your­self, nor of oth­ers by dint of your man­ly exam­ple. Which isn’t a trait that only men can sum­mon. It is a trait assert­ed by free human beings of both sex­es – and one lack­ing in the moral eunuchs of the face­less, who stand where they are told on X marks-the-spot.

Free men and women stand wher­ev­er they like. They get-togeth­er with whom they like, when­ev­er they like and as close as they like. They look at one anoth­er and can see one anoth­er. They smile and they laugh – vis­i­bly, openly.

This is how they cel­e­brate their freedom.

It is how Amer­i­cans once did – and can, again.

Which – if they do – will mean their chil­dren can.

There is no law, duly passed, com­pelling them to stand six feet apart and X‑marks-the spot. Nor to efface their faces by don­ning a Demor­al­iza­tion Dia­per as the price of being allowed to stand on X‑marks-the-spot and six feet apart. Just the orders of the Gesund­heits­fuhrers and the tim­o­rous tyran­ny at sec­ond-hand of the accom­plices of com­merce – the stores and oth­er adjuncts of the gov­ern­ment (what they have become) demand­ing six-feet-apart, X‑marks the spot and the uni­form demor­al­iza­tion of the Diaper.

Ignore the Gesund­heits­fuhrers. Ignore the signs in front of stores and else­where that insist you are oblig­ed to do as you are told just because they say so.

Say oth­er­wise.

Do otherwise.

Gath­er with the not-uni­form this week­end to mark the Fourth. Stand and sit where you like. Light fire­works, if you have them. The real ones that fly and explode. Free peo­ple do that sort of thing to. Don’t just remem­ber what it was like. Bring it back to life.

Do not par­tic­i­pate in the farce. The pathet­ic pan­tomime of doing-as-you’re-told in order to be allowed to do any­thing. This unman­ly going-along to get-along. We don’t want any trou­ble here, said Ned Beatty.

But he got some.

Let’s give it instead.