News News from Hungary Dozens of migrants charge the Hun­gar­i­an bor­der + video

Dozens of migrants charge the Hun­gar­i­an bor­der + video

An aggres­sive group of migrants attempt­ed to ille­gal­ly enter Hun­gary near the bor­der town of Röszke.

Around one hun­dred migrants gath­ered in the for­est on the Ser­bian side of the bor­der near Röszke on August 5th 2020. A lit­tle after mid­night, police noticed the group with ther­mo­graph­ic cam­eras. The migrants tried to ille­gal­ly cross over into Hun­gary at mul­ti­ple points at the same time. They were aggres­sive towards the bor­der guards– even throw­ing stones and behav­ing obscene­ly. About thir­ty of them tried to cross by climb­ing onto the bor­der fence.

The bor­der police and sol­diers on duty pre­vent­ed any ille­gal bor­der cross­ing attempts.

It’s not the first time the migrants tried to break through the fence at Röszke. On Jan­u­ary 28th of this year, at around half past five, a group of around fifty gath­ered at the closed road bor­der cross­ing at Röszke on the Ser­bian side to ille­gal­ly enter Hun­gary. While a few tram­pled the wire mesh, the chant­i­ng crowd ran over the dam­aged fence into Hun­gary. The mass of peo­ple was a threat­en­ing image and as one guard put it, “it was as if a crowd was charg­ing us.”

The guards tried to detain the crowd, but they were forced to back off and call for help. The mass con­tin­ued on chant­i­ng and did not stop; one of the guards sound­ed a warn­ing shot in response. As the loom­ing, yelling crowd was about five-six meters from the guards, they sound­ed anoth­er two warn­ing shots. The ille­gal crossers were final­ly scared off by this, as well as by the arriv­ing police forces; most turned around, run­ning back to Serbia.

Pro­ceed­ings were ini­ti­at­ed in the case; in the begin­ning of July, the Szeged Tri­bunal sen­tenced four men, who man­aged to enter as part of a larg­er group, to one year of prison for ille­gal­ly cross­ing into Hun­gary. The court found the two Syr­i­an and two Pales­tin­ian men guilty of cross­ing the bor­der ille­gal­ly and par­tic­i­pat­ing in a mass riot. The accused were expelled from Hun­gary for two years.

Source: Mag­yar Nemzet