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Con­sular Days in Cleveland

The Con­sulate Gen­er­al of Hun­gary in Chica­go is orga­niz­ing extra­mur­al con­sular days in Cleveland

Novem­ber 17−18−19, 2020.Location: First Hun­gar­i­an Reformed Church, 14530 Alexan­der Rd, Wal­ton Hills, OH 44146

The fol­low­ing con­sular cas­es could be arranged:

- pass­port

- Hun­gar­i­an ID card

- Hun­gar­i­an cit­i­zen­ship verification

- birth, mar­riage, divorce, death registration

- sim­pli­fied nat­u­ral­iza­tion process

- legal­iza­tion

- address reg­is­tra­tion issues

Appoint­ments shall be made via e‑mail: consulate.​chi@​mfa.​gov.​hu