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Con­sular Days in Cleveland

The Hun­gar­i­an Con­sulate in Chica­go will have Con­sular Days in Cleve­land on April 18 and 19. You can make an appoint­ment start­ing on March 25th, by going on to the Con­sulate’s website. 

Fur­ther instruc­tions are in the attached documents. 

They are iden­ti­cal doc­u­ments, and the  first one is eas­i­er on the eyes. 

Please for­ward this infor­ma­tion to your membership.

The Con­sulate Gen­er­al of Hun­gary in Chica­go will hold con­sular days on April 18 – 19, 2024 in Cleve­land, Ohio.

Loca­tion: First Hun­gar­i­an Reformed Church

Address: 14530 Alexan­der Road, Wal­ton Hills, OH 44146

Appoint­ments can be booked at consulate.​chi@​mfa.​gov.​hu ​​from March 25, 2024. Book­ing an appoint­ment in advance is mandatory.

Types of cas­es that can be handled:

·      pass­port

·      iden­ti­ty card

·      res­i­den­tial address management

·      open­ing of cus­tomer portals

·      3NY · reg­is­tra­tion (birth, mar­riage, BÉT, divorce, death)

We would also like to inform our val­ued cus­tomers that inter­est­ed par­ties can also request infor­ma­tion on oth­er cit­i­zen­ship and con­sular mat­ters. When apply­ing, please send the fol­low­ing per­son­al data by email in order to facil­i­tate admin­is­tra­tion: tele­phone num­ber full birth name full mar­ried name (if any) place of birth (coun­try and city) date of birth moth­er’s maid­en name per­son­al iden­ti­fi­ca­tion num­ber (found on res­i­den­tial address card) exact expi­ra­tion date of pass­port Passport/Personal Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion Number.

In the event of an ID request, we will take a pho­to and fin­ger­print on the spot, so it is not nec­es­sary to bring an ID pho­to, only for chil­dren under 6 years of age.

We would like to inform you that it is nec­es­sary to charge a flat rate of USD 17 per cus­tomer, regard­less of the ser­vice per­formed or the num­ber of them. Fees can be paid by bank card, cash or check is not possible.

If you are able, please bring 1 pho­to­copy of the nec­es­sary doc­u­ments with you in addi­tion to the orig­i­nal doc­u­ment, this will short­en and make the admin­is­tra­tion easier.

Thank you very much!