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Call for schol­ar­ship application

Call for schol­ar­ship appli­ca­tion of the Min­istry of For­eign Affairs and Trade of Hun­gary
for the Hun­gar­i­an Lan­guage and Cul­tur­al Stud­ies Pro­gramme in the aca­d­e­m­ic year of 2022 (cross semester)

Note: This doc­u­ment has been pre­pared in Eng­lish as a com­ple­men­tary mate­r­i­al to the offi­cial
Hun­gar­i­an lan­guage call-for-appli­ca­tion. In case of doubt, please refer to the orig­i­nal ver­sion and/or
con­tact us.

Based on the 2412016. (VIII.16.) Gov­ern­ment Reg­u­la­tion and the 4/2019. (III. 13.) Order of the Orga­ni­za­tion­al
and Oper­a­tional Rules of the Min­istry of For­eign Affairs and Trade (MFA) of Hun­gary, with­in the Bal­as­si
Schol­ar­ship Pro­gramme the Min­istry announces appli­ca­tion in the aca­d­e­m­ic year of 2022 for the


for indi­vid­u­als of Hun­gar­i­an descent liv­ing in the Dias­po­ra out­side the Carpathi­an Basin,
main­ly in the south­ern hemi­sphere
who wish to strength­en their lan­guage knowl­edge and cul­tur­al identity.

    The objec­tive of the Hun­gar­i­an Lan­guage and Cul­tur­al Stud­ies schol­ar­ship is to improve, broad­en and strength­en
    the Hun­gar­i­an lan­guage skills and cul­tur­al knowl­edge of young peo­ple of Hun­gar­i­an descent, who are cit­i­zens and
    res­i­dents of oth­er coun­tries (the so-called “Dias­po­ra”). The two-semes­ter course takes place in the MFA in
    Budapest with the coop­er­a­tion of the KKM Mag­yar Diplomá­ci­ai Akadémia Kft. (KKM MDA Kft., a back­ground
    insti­tu­tion of the MFA). In order to suc­cess­ful­ly achieve the goals of the schol­ar­ship pro­gram, the MFA coop­er­ates
    with the mem­ber orga­ni­za­tions of the Hun­gar­i­an Dias­po­ra Coun­cil, espe­cial­ly with the orga­ni­za­tions pro­mot­ing
    youth com­mu­ni­ty build­ing, such as the Hun­gar­i­an Scout Asso­ci­a­tion in Exteris.
    The pro­gramme con­sists of lan­guage and cul­tur­al stud­ies and pro­vides a great oppor­tu­ni­ty for par­tic­i­pants to
    active­ly explore Hun­gary and con­tem­po­rary Hun­gar­i­an cul­ture. In the frame­work of cul­tur­al stud­ies stu­dents learn
    about his­to­ry, lit­er­a­ture, geog­ra­phy, folk­lore, art his­to­ry, and social issues. At the end of the pro­gramme stu­dents
    take a final exam in the above sub­jects, defend their final essay, and take a Hun­gar­i­an lan­guage exam offi­cial­ly
    rec­og­nized by the Hun­gar­i­an state. (The lev­el and type of the lan­guage exam is decid­ed by the lan­guage skills
    exam­i­na­tion board.)
    Par­tic­i­pants of the pro­gramme will receive a cer­ti­fi­ca­tion at the end of their stud­ies.
    Class atten­dance is com­pul­so­ry. Should a par­tic­i­pant miss class­es with­out cause, or vio­late the Study and Exam
    rules or Dis­ci­pli­nary Guide­lines, he/she will lose the right to con­tin­ue the pro­gramme and the right to dor­mi­to­ry
    place­ment. Any indi­vid­ual who has been expelled from the pro­gramme will have to repay all stipend (month­ly
    allowance) received up to that date.
    Dura­tion of the pro­gramme is 9 months (Feb­ru­ary – June 2022, Sep­tem­ber – Decem­ber 2022).

The schol­ar­ship includes:
· full tuition fee
· HUF 45,000/month allowance (to be paid month­ly)
· free accom­mo­da­tion
· stu­dent card (offer­ing dis­counts)
· basic health ser­vices
Max­i­mum num­ber of schol­ar­ships to be award­ed: 15

    Indi­vid­u­als between the age of 18 and 35 years are invit­ed to apply. All appli­cants should have for­eign
    cit­i­zen­ship, those with dual cit­i­zen­ship (Hun­gar­i­an and oth­er) are also encour­aged to apply. Vol­un­teer work,
    ref­er­ences from post-sec­ondary insti­tu­tions, and any oth­er activ­i­ties relat­ed to Hun­gary or Hun­gar­i­an cul­ture are
    all tak­en into con­sid­er­a­tion in the selec­tion of the appli­cants. Schol­ar­ship appli­ca­tion for the 2022 aca­d­e­m­ic year
    was main­ly for the south­ern hemi­sphere coun­tries appli­cants.
    We inform our appli­cants that the train­ing is cur­rent­ly tak­ing place in a dif­fer­ent loca­tion than before (1107
    Budapest, Zágrábi utca 1.). Accom­mo­da­tion is pro­vid­ed. The loca­tion of accom­mo­da­tion is Hotel Berlin, 1117
    Budapest, Hun­ya­di János út 2.
    Dead­line of appli­ca­tions: 13 Octo­ber 2021, 24.00 (UTC+1)
    Steps of appli­ca­tion:
    The call for appli­ca­tion is pub­lished in Hun­gar­i­an at
    in Eng­lish at
  4. Appli­ca­tion web­site
    Appli­ca­tions are to be sub­mit­ted via the appli­ca­tion web­site https://​spje​len​tkezes​.mdak​ft​.hu
    Please vis­it the site and pre­pare and sub­mit your appli­ca­tion accord­ing to the infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed there.
  5. Required doc­u­ments
    Required doc­u­men­ta­tion and ref­er­ences for the appli­ca­tion:
    – signed, print­ed state­ment (for­mat: .pdf) [manda­to­ry doc­u­ment]
    – CV (for­mat: Word doc­u­ment) [manda­to­ry doc­u­ment]
    – an approx. 300-word essay on why you would like to study in Hun­gary (for­mat: Word doc­u­ment) [manda­to­ry

– copy of (non hun­gar­i­an) pass­port or iden­ti­ty card for trav­el (for­mat: .pdf) [manda­to­ry doc­u­ment]
– copy of tran­scripts and diplo­mas with study results/marks (required for­mat: .pdf) [manda­to­ry doc­u­ment]
– ref­er­ence let­ter from a vol­un­teer orga­ni­za­tion (eg. scouts, school, foun­da­tion, church, etc.) or a rec­og­nized
indi­vid­ual (for­mat: .pdf) [pro­posed document]

Eval­u­a­tion of the Application

Deci­sions on the appli­ca­tions are made by the Eval­u­a­tion Com­mit­tee set up by MFA. All deci­sions are bind­ing.
MFA will not con­sid­er appli­ca­tions sub­mit­ted after dead­line and/or incor­rect­ly and/or incom­plete­ly and/or

Pub­li­ca­tion of the results

Appli­ca­tions will be eval­u­at­ed by 30 Octo­ber 2021 and appli­cants will be noti­fied about the results with­in 3
work­days after­wards via e‑mail.
Suc­cess­ful appli­cants must con­firm the accep­tance of the schol­ar­ship via e‑mail by 10 Novem­ber 2021. The
win­ning appli­cant upon arrival in Hun­gary must under­take to pay HUF 180.000 for KKM MDA Kft. involved in
the imple­men­ta­tion of the train­ing as a con­tri­bu­tion to the cost of excur­sions includ­ed in the pro­gram – in case the
planned excur­sions can be car­ried out.
Depend­ing on the evo­lu­tion of the epi­demi­o­log­i­cal sit­u­a­tion, the MFA reserves the right to post­pone or can­cel the
excur­sions announced as part of the pro­gram, or to change the con­di­tions of par­tic­i­pa­tion in them. In case of
post­pone­ment, the amount paid will be refund­ed to the appli­cant depend­ing on the imple­men­ta­tion of the

The schol­ar­ship does not cov­er the fol­low­ing expens­es:
· trav­el to and from Hun­gary
· lan­guage exam fee (ECL exam of lev­el B2 or C1: approx. HUF 35,000)
· cost of two com­pul­so­ry field trips (HUF 180.000)
· pub­lic trans­port sea­son tick­et
· food and per­son­al expens­es (the rec­om­mend­ed month­ly amount for food and per­son­al expens­es is
approx­i­mate­ly USD 250)
· fee of type “Oth­er” visa, if necessary

     Any appli­cant pro­vid­ing unre­al, false infor­ma­tion on the data sheet, and/or make such a state­ment when
    sub­mit­ting the appli­ca­tion, and/or with­hold any fact or data con­cern­ing the assess­ment of the appli­ca­tion may
    be exclud­ed from the appli­ca­tion procedure.
     Par­tic­i­pa­tion in the appli­ca­tion or win­ning the schol­ar­ship does not pre­clude the appli­cant from par­tic­i­pat­ing
    in the appli­ca­tion of the Hun­gar­i­an Dias­po­ra Schol­ar­ship Pro­gram (DFP) in Novem­ber 2021.
     By sub­mit­ting their appli­ca­tion, appli­cants con­sent to the pro­cess­ing of their per­son­al data in the appli­ca­tion
    form by the MFA, by the deci­sion-shap­ing bod­ies and deci­sion-mak­ers defined above for the time nec­es­sary
    for the deci­sion — but not lat­er than 15 Feb­ru­ary 2022. By sub­mit­ting their appli­ca­tion, the win­ning appli­cants
    also con­sent to the pro­cess­ing of their per­son­al data in the appli­ca­tion form by MFA and KKM MDA Kft.
    dur­ing their schol­ar­ship peri­od. Fail­ure to com­ply with this report­ing oblig­a­tion will result in ter­mi­na­tion of
    the schol­ar­ship hold­er status.

 The list of Schol­ar­ship Win­ners is pub­lic. By par­tic­i­pat­ing in the appli­ca­tion, the appli­cant agrees that his/her
name will be pub­lished on the web­site of the MFA if s/he is award­ed a schol­ar­ship by the MFA.
 The appli­cant acknowl­edges that, in view of the epi­demi­o­log­i­cal sit­u­a­tion, the MFA may post­pone the pre­planned
start date of the Hun­gar­i­an Lan­guage and Cul­tur­al Stud­ies Pro­gramme (1 Feb­ru­ary, 2022) and/or apply
dis­tance learn­ing meth­ods in the train­ing, or in a seri­ous sit­u­a­tion may refuse to start the train­ing, may decide
to sus­pend the train­ing and con­tin­ue it after the sus­pen­sion has been lift­ed, and may decide to apply a train­ing
peri­od short­er than it is deter­mi­nat­ed in this call for appli­ca­tion. The Appli­cant under­takes that in the event of
the occur­rence of any of the above cir­cum­stances s/he does not file a claim for dam­ages against the MFA or
KKM MDA Kft. regard­ing to this circumstance.
 In case of win­ning the schol­ar­ship the appli­cant under­takes to fill in the health screen­ing ques­tion­naire and
return to the assigned med­ical ser­vice provider of the KKM MDA Kft. before the start of the train­ing. The
schol­ar­ship hold­er under­takes to take part in the health screen­ing test organ­ised by the MFA and/or KKM
MDA Kft. (based on the 162021. (I. 22.) Gov­ern­ment Reg­u­la­tion and the Act CCIV of 2011) after enrolling
in the train­ing. If, as a result of this screen­ing test or any addi­tion­al med­ical exam­i­na­tion pre­scribed by the
doc­tor per­form­ing the screen­ing test, the appli­cant receives „med­ical­ly not rec­om­mend­ed for train­ing” result,
or the appli­cant refus­es to car­ry out the pre­vi­ous screen­ing test or exam­i­na­tion, then no schol­ar­ship con­tract
and train­ing con­tract will be con­clud­ed with the appli­cant. If the pre­vi­ous con­tract or con­tracts have already
been con­clud­ed, they will be ter­mi­nat­ed with imme­di­ate effect, and the schol­ar­ship hold­er will no longer be
able to par­tic­i­pate in the train­ing and have to move out of the dor­mi­to­ry with­in 3 days. If, dur­ing the peri­od of
the Pro­gramme, the schol­ar­ship holder’s health sta­tus changes from “med­ical­ly rec­om­mend­ed for train­ing” to
“med­ical­ly not rec­om­mend­ed for train­ing”, his/her Schol­ar­ship Agree­ment may be ter­mi­nat­ed with imme­di­ate
 The appli­cant under­takes to car­ry out the tests regard­ing to Covid-19 epi­dem­ic at his/her own expense, in
his/her home coun­try and/or Hun­gary, due to entry to Hun­gary and/or entry into the dor­mi­to­ry and/or
par­tic­i­pa­tion in training.
 Upon arrival in Hun­gary, the win­ning appli­cant must under­take to pay HUF 180.000 to KKM MDA Kft. as a
con­tri­bu­tion to the costs of the excur­sions includ­ed in the pro­gramme – in case the planned excur­sions can be
car­ried out.
 Sign­ing Schol­ar­ship Agree­ment and a train­ing agree­ment with the KKM MDA Kft.

    For fur­ther infor­ma­tion please con­tact:
    Ms. Char­lotte Dömötörné Hár­si (Hun­gar­i­an Scouts Asso­ci­a­tion in Exteris)
    E‑mail: chaharsi@​yahoo.​com
    Ms. Tünde Sasvári (stu­dent affairs clerk)
    E‑mail: hungarologia@​mdakft.​hu
    Phone: +36 70 777 8552

The offi­cial call-for-appli­ca­tion and the appli­ca­tion form can be found at the Bal­as­si Schol­ar­ship Pro­gramme
web­page of the Min­istry of For­eign Affairs and Trade
(in Hun­gar­i­an: https://​bal​as​sischol​ar​ship​.kor​many​.hu,
in Eng­lish: https://​bal​as​sischol​ar​ship​.kor​many​.hu/​c​a​l​l​-​f​o​r​-​a​p​p​l​i​c​a​t​i​o​n​-​h​u​n​g​a​r​i​a​n​-​c​u​l​t​u​r​a​l​-​s​t​u​d​ies),
as well as at the web­page of the Hun­gar­i­an Scouts Asso­ci­a­tion in Exteris (www​.kmc​ssz​.org).

All Hun­gar­i­an speak­ers should fill in the Hun­gar­i­an-lan­guage appli­ca­tion form. Use the Eng­lish-lan­guage form
only if you do not speak Hungarian.