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Bal­a­ton Hun­gar­i­an Restau­rant Has Found a New Home in Bainbridge

The own­ers hope to re-open some­time this hol­i­day season

As promised, the clo­sure of Bal­a­ton restau­rant was only tem­po­rary. When the restau­rant closed its doors at Shak­er Square ear­li­er this year, own­er Kriszti­na Pon­ti pledged to find a new home for the beloved Hun­gar­i­an restaurant.

“It’s an extreme­ly emo­tion­al time for us,” Kriszti­na stat­ed. “It is not the end, but it is the end over here on Shak­er Square.”

We are thrilled to report that Kriszti­na and George Pon­ti indeed have secured a new east-side loca­tion. This lat­est iter­a­tion will land in Bain­bridge, specif­i­cal­ly at the cor­ner of Rt. 306 and E. Wash­ing­ton. The goal is to be open some­time between Thanks­giv­ing and Christ­mas, they say.

This will be the fourth loca­tion for Bal­a­ton since Therezia Olah launched the restau­rant on Buck­eye Road in the ear­ly 1960s.

Since clos­ing in Jan­u­ary, Bal­a­ton essen­tial­ly has been oper­at­ing as a ghost kitchen. The din­ing room at Shak­er Square is but­toned up tight, but the own­ers are still accept­ing take-out orders, which are picked up at the near­by Hun­gar­i­an Church. Cus­tomers can order food by call­ing the old num­ber (216−921−9691) between Mon­day and Thurs­day for pick­up Fri­day, Sat­ur­day or Sunday.

We’ll announce open­ing day when we know it. 

Dou­glas Trattner

Source: cleve​land​scene​.com