News Local news 5th Annu­al Gulyás Cook-Off was a success

5th Annu­al Gulyás Cook-Off was a success

Our 5th Annu­al Gulyás Cook-Off at Hiram Camp­ground went off with­out a hitch, unless you call a chill in the air and rain drops a hitch. 

A great time was had by our won­der­ful group of attendees! ! 

I wish to acknowl­edge our fab­u­lous “chefs”, not one a pro­fes­sion­al, but each one put his heart and soul and papri­ka into their “gulyás”.

1. Lorand Csi­bi & Zsuzsán­na Simon-Benedek

2. Ryan & Csongor Simon-Benedek

3. Tyler Cook & Alpar Koppandi

4. Gyongyi Ban­di & Agnes Koppandi

5. Gabor Harmatos

6. Feri & Julia Rozsnyai

7. Gabriel Mol­nar & Jeno Molnar

8. Mary Jane Barbery

9. Joseph Kocsis

10. Eric Massany

11​.George Pogan

12. Hei­di and Frank Gagyi

Judges were Joe Friedrick, Károly Fábian and Tony Török.

Judges choice win­ners were…

1st. Eric Mas­sany #10

2nd. Joseph Koc­sis #9

3rd. Mary Jane Bar­bey #8.

The peo­ples choice win­ners were…

1st Gabriel Mol­nar #7

2nd. Gabor Har­matos #5

3rd. Joseph Koc­sis #9.

A GREAT Sun­day had by all. Thank you for all par­tic­i­pants and guests!!

Thank you Csa­ba David for the goer­gous pictures!