News News from lost territories 26 April 1623. The con­struc­tion of the Mikó cas­tle in Csík­sz­ere­da began

26 April 1623. The con­struc­tion of the Mikó cas­tle in Csík­sz­ere­da began

This time I would like to greet you with some pic­tures of the Tran­syl­van­ian Mikó Cas­tle in Csík­sz­ere­da (Mier­curea Ciuc, Szek­ler­burg, in Roma­nia) because its con­struc­tion start­ed on this very day 401 years ago.

The town of Csík­sz­ere­da was built at the trad­ing cross­roads of the King­dom of Hun­gary and has always been a Catholic cen­ter for the Hun­gar­i­an Székelys.

There is also Csík­som­lyó (Şumuleu Ciuc), which is now part of Csíkszereda. 

Csík­som­lyó is famous for its Pen­te­cost pil​grim​age​.In the 11th cen­tu­ry, when the area of Széke­lyföld was part of the east­ern bor­der­land of the Hun­gar­i­an King­dom, two cas­tles were built in the vicin­i­ty of the town, fac­ing each other. 

They were called Kisvár (Small Cas­tle) and Őrvár (Guard Cas­tle), but they were destroyed in the 16th century.

Between the two cas­tles, there was a val­ley called Ördögvöl­gy (Dev­il’s Val­ley). This val­ley was flood­ed by the water of the riv­er Olt in case of an attack.

The third cas­tle was called ‘Három’ (mean­ing ‘three’ in Hun­gar­i­an) and was built on the top of a hill called ‘Három-tető’ (Three-top). It was built at the begin­ning of the 12th century.

Csík­sz­ere­da got its name from the mar­kets that were held there on Wednes­days, as “szer­da” or “szere­da” is the Hun­gar­i­an word for Wednesday.

The first men­tion of the set­tle­ment was in 1558. (In this doc­u­ment the moth­er of Prince János Zsig­mond, Queen Isabel­la grant­ed the town tax exemption). 

The famous vil­lage of Csík­som­lyó was added to Csík­sz­ere­da later.

The Hun­gar­i­an Székelys found­ed a Catholic col­lege here in 1630. At that time the town belonged to Mikó Fer­enc, the coun­cilor of Prince Bethlen Gábor.

Count Mikó Fer­enc (1585−1635) was also a famous diplo­mat and chron­i­cler. He was the Cap­tain of Csík Coun­ty and start­ed the con­struc­tion of Mikó Cas­tle in 1623. 

The prince’s archi­tect, Gia­co­mo Resti, assist­ed in the con­struc­tion of the castle.

You can read more about this cas­tle on my page, I’ve just updat­ed it with more pic­tures and his­tor­i­cal details:


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